Online Shopping FAQs


How are you preventing the spread of virus on products? 

Our business takes COVID-19 very seriously and all of our shops are committed to operating within their states guidelines. 

Are you still shipping internationally? 

Yes we are, although there may be delays for international shipping. If your zip code doesn’t work when inputted to your shipping information, please email and we may still be able to arrange postage for you. 

Herbs & You

How can I get a personalised recommendation for what herbs to use? 

Please email our lead herbalist, Stephanie Hazel, at You can also stop by your local Happy Herb Shop to speak with one of our representatives in store. 

How can I learn more about different herbs and their uses? 

We have a wide range of educational information on our website. You can search for any herb in our Herbs A-Z guide. In our online store, you can search for products by specific effect, range and common use. If you’d like to do some more in-depth learning, you can download our free Herbs A-Z ebook here

Will these herbs get me high?

We can only tweak our moods to a certain point. The best way to have long-lasting happy, high feelings is to make sure our bodies are whole and healthy. Although many herbs stimulate the production or release of certain desirable neurotransmitters, our bodies must have the necessary nutrients in store in order to follow the herb's directions to produce/release the neurotransmitter... In other words, if your body is run-down, or depleted in essential vitamins and minerals, you won’t be able to produce much of the chemicals that make us feel happy and high.

Are herbs going to cure me of my ailments?

None of our products are intended to treat or cure any medical issues. 

Using Our Products

Dosage - How much should I take? For how long? 

We cannot offer dosage recommendations because this is not a medical health consultation.  We do offer suggestd use on most of our packaging.

What is a spagyric?

A spagyric is a concentrated liquid herbal product that contains the essential oils, tincture and mineral salts of a plant, as well as the vital essence. You can learn more about spagyrics and the extraction process here

How can I learn more about the herbs that are in the tea that I recently bought? 

To learn more about the herbs in your tea, simply scan the QR code on the label. It will lead you to the wide range of educational information available on our website. You can also search for any herb in our Herbs A-Z guide. The Herbs A-Z guide is available to download as a free ebook here

What is a tincture?

Tinctures are concentrated forms of medicinal herbs, made by extracting the active constituents with a mixture of water and alcohol. This is the most common form of a herbal medicine dispensed by herbalists and naturopaths, and although quite easy to make at home, people rarely do this. 

You can learn more about the various preparations of medicinal herbs here:

Is it better to use tincture, spagyric or dried/powdered herb? 

It all comes down to personal preference. Tinctures are the more traditional way of consuming a medicinal herb as it has a greater concentration of the medicinal herbal matter. Spagyrics are even more concentrated and potent, including the essential oils, tincture and mineral salts of a plant, as well as the vital essence. Dried herbs makes a tea, which is not as strong but a good supplement to a healing regime. Feel free to send us a DM on social media if you have any questions. 

Can I mix my herbs together? 

Yes! Classic herbalism would suggest using only one at a time for a more potent effect, but unless you are sure which herb is exactly right then it may be better to blend a few. If you are treating two different ailments then it may be better to treat them separately. We have created herbal tea formulas to support general conditions. 

Will this herb interact with another medication I am currently taking? 

Yes possibly, always check the precautions on the packaging or our website. Internet searches for specific known interactions can also be helpful. If you are on prescription medication or have any underlying conditions then always check with your health practitioner. 

When will I see results? 

Everyone's body is different! This is an important concept to comprehend, as it means that everybody will experience our herbs and products very differently.  It depends on what you are using herbs for.  Some relaxing herbs you should feel immediately, but if you are using herbs to support a urinary infection then it may take a few days to flush through your system. Please feel free to send us a DM on social media or email our lead herbalist at for individualised information. 

What are some creative ways to incorporate herbs into my food / drink? 

So much more than tea! There are many different ways to integrate medicinal herbs into your diet. Check out our recipes page for creative ideas:

Home Compostable Packaging

What is home compostable packaging? 

Home compostable packaging means you can compost it at home. Often when you see compostable packaging it will only break down in a commercial facility, which is quite rare still so it will probably become landfill. With our home compostable packaging, you can simply drop the empty packet (with label removed) into your home compost bin! You can learn more about our eco-friendly packaging here

How do I properly dispose of your packaging?

Remove the label and place in your home compost bin or worm farm. If you don’t already have a compost then we highly recommend you start one, as food waste in landfill creates methane and is a major cause of greenhouse gasses. Our home compostable packaging should take around 28 weeks to completely break down. 

Promotions, Offers, Special Deals

When is your next special offer?

We are often running specials and promoting the use of herbs, so sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media so you never miss out.

How do I find out about promotions or special offers? 

Sign up to our newsletter and you will never miss out. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates and herbal information! 

Ordering & Shipping

How quickly will my order ship? 

Orders received on Monday - Thursday before 10am AEDT will be shipped that day.  Orders received after Thursday 10am AEDT may only be processed the following Monday.  You can choose for express delivery but Australia post does not guarantee next-day delivery to remote areas.  

Do you ship internationally?  

Yes to most countries. If you do not see your country as an option when you enter your shipping address, then it might be that we have had trouble shipping there. If this is the case, you can still email us at and we may be able to arrange shipping. 

What credit cards / types of payment do you accept? 

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.


Where do my herbs come from? 

We source our high-quality herbs from all over the world. For each product in our online store, there is a ‘Specifications’ tab where we list where each herb is coming from. 

Who handles my herbs?

All of our herbs are handpacked in our friendly warehouse near Byron Bay.

Are my herbs ethically sourced? 

We always aim to choose wild harvested or organic. For each product in our online store, there is a ‘Specifications’ tab where we list where each herb is coming from. It will also tell you whether the particular herbs are certified organic or not at the time of packing.

Are my herbs organic?

We will always source certified organic herbs when we can. However, when we repack them into our compostable bags they lose their certification. For each product in our online store, there is a ‘Specifications’ tab where we will tell you if the herb is organic.

Storage / Expiration

How long will my herbs last? / What is the shelf life of herbs? 

Our herbs have two years shelf life from when we pack them.  Depending on when they were harvested and dried, they may even last longer if stored possibly. 

How should I store my herbs after opening?

Your herbs are happiest if stored in a cool, dark place away from electromagnetic fields. Keep them in an airtight container to preserve quality and freshness. 

How should I store liquid herbs?

Liquid herbs are more volatile so it is especially important to keep them in a cool, dark place away from electromagnetic fields. 

Do your products have a warranty? 

Our products do not require a warranty as they are not manufactured goods.  However if you are disappointed with the quality of your product, please send us a message and we will investigate it for you. 

Local Shops

How can I find/contact my local shop? 

You can connect with your local shop via our online store finder

Do the products sold at local shops differ from what you sell online? 

Yes, each shop is unique and offers a much bigger range of products than we do online. We cannot guarantee that every shop will stock all of our Happy herb branded products, so you will need to contact your local shop to determine their stock on the day.