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CB2 oil

Didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would, it’s citrus & pine. I ordered 3 but only 1 was delivered a call to office & the other 2 were shipped express & arrived 2 days later. Thank you, not sure if it is working or not yet

Great herb

Lovely to smoke, a little bit sweet. Gives a very mellow and relaxing buzz, great cannabis substitute but milder. It has significantly helped my anxiety.

Milk Thistle

I have been using Milk Thistle to assist my chronic body pain I experience everyday and have been mixing it in my daily consumption of Yoghurt with Hemp Seed, Chia Seed & Cacao and a few other Herbs I have blended together.
My latest idea has been putting the Herbs in a Blender so I can use in Recipes and Smoothies I create not only the Yoghurt, this way it is easier to use instead of individual amounts like I was doing during my first Milk Thistle sachet I received from Happy Herb Shop.

Mystic mix

Smooth and tasty smoke followed by a nice mild relaxation feel. Seems to calm the mind.

Blue lily is a great flower...Tastes good as a tea and helps me sleep.

Must read

This is great informative book. Beneficial to anyone wanting to experiment in the world of drugs. Everything you need to know so that you can make a educated decision on taking a particular drug. Even has a section on restricted drugs, how to have a good, safe experience and harm reduction/minimisation, alternatives and recovery.


In Terms of sleep much better.... I have fibromyalgia I think I will have to continue to take it to give a better answer.I am hopeful,inflammation and body soreness has plagued me for some time

Best Tonic 4 a few hours extra sleep

I wake up in the early hours of the morning a lot. I have tried a lot of different things which either don't work or leave me feeling weird. It just gives me those few extra hours that I need. There isn't any yukky residual effect either. I think it's the fact it is just valerian and not mixed with other herbs.

Wonderful, relaxing, psuchidellic

I'm glad O found this too relax, and just "escape for a bit "💖 wonderful for my extreme mental health issues, beautiful xxxooo Ta and VERY Speedy delivery 4 days..not bad.. Thankyou lol

BETTER than blue lily!!

Smokin' this relaxing and dreamy herb was a pleasure..I ground down in milk grinder, esaier, beauty and rich flavoured smoke made me feel WONDERFUL!!!🌞🌞❤️💖 My favourite herb yet..made tea too, Only need a couple of petals.!!**💖 Recommended

To harsh for me

Keeping the mind in focus

This Brahmi leaf tea helps my hubby focus as he's constantly thinking and worryin

Calea Dream Herb
Taste like **** but nice to smoke:)

I enjoy smoking it and I find that when combined with blue lotus I have inhanced vivid dreams. Good product.


Tea tastes amazing and makes me feel great! :) will be getting more.

Wonderful great taste & relaxing definitely helped to take the edge off. Quitting tobacco after 37 years and countless attempts. Don’t be fooled by Drs recommending NRT, they don’t prescribe heroine for heroine addicts

Herbal Relief

After giving up Tobacco/Nicotine I found this a great help or relief for those anxious moments

Lemon myrtle

I use it with elecampane for a cough l find it works great 😀


Definitely works for the form l combin it with lemon myrtle 😀

Didn’t work

I bought this with a friend hoping to have a really pleasent experience, before I bought this I read a lot of reviews and I decided that based on the reviews that this should work for my desired results. So I bought it and followed the instructions precisely on how to use it. I smoked it first and since that didn’t work I decided to give tea a try. After making it and waiting over a day to let it sit and enhance its abilities. I finally drank it, and I felt absolutely nothing, I was a bit disappointed since I wouldn’t say that it was that cheap. I usually buy from The Happy Herb Shop quite a lot so I had a lot of confidence in it. Neither my friend or I felt anything

Hi Saturn,
Thank you for your honest feedback. While we are surprised as we receive positive feedback about this herb from other customers, we understand that everyone is built differently and going to experience varying effects of herbs. My main suggestion would be to try a stronger tea. Sorry to hear you were not happy with this product, we appreciate the feedback and are going to look into it to make sure are herbs are of the highest, most potent quality. Have a happy & healthy day!


Mixed with Chilled out makes a really nice smooth smoke. Love these!!

Have ordered more

Worked quite well although I did use more than 3 drops at a time. Highly recommend.

I love this herb

I have chronic illness and I am terribly fatigued. This herb has been an amazing addition to my home remedies. I’ve had more energy the last week or two than or had in months. I’m a lot to order more. Thanks guys :)

Bought two packets and mixed 1st pack with tobacco as suggested and smoked 2nd packet on its own and although it did need extra chopping within 3 weeks I've managed to give up smoking. Thanks....

Love it

I use it for learning spanish. My concentration was really good and long. Would buy it again.

Tea Infuser

Useful for larger amounts