Yoni Steam - Healing

Yoni Steam - Healing

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 This ancient practice has been used around the world by different cultures to help treat many genital, menstrual and reproductive issues.

This all natural and nourishing Yoni Steam is a blend of herbs to help tone, cleanse and soothe the vagina and for general healing.  Particularly useful for soothing itchy, inflamed, irritable, and sore genitals, and have been chosen for their efficacy with yeast and bacterial infections.    

Ingredients: Cornflowers, Calendula, Red Rose Petals, Red Raspberry, Saw Palmetto, Peppermint, Wormwood & Comfrey

Directions - The Toilet Throne

The easiest way to create a Yoni Throne is to use your toilet.  Whilst this may seem an unusual suggestion it’s actually really comfortable and practical. You may wish to enhance the sacred feel of the room with candles, flowers and other delights that help you relax and feel like a goddess. 

 1.      Clean the entire toilet thoroughly.

2.      Place a large heat proof bowl inside the toilet, preferably one that covers most of the inside of the toilet. 

Optional - Place another smaller bowl inside the large bowl to concentrate the direction of the steam.

3.      Place 2 heaped tablespoons (5g) of herb in the centre of the bowl and add half cup of hot water.  Keep the kettle or jug of hot water close by for topping up. 

4.      Carefully sit on the toilet seat – CAUTION check the steam is of a comfortable temperature first.

5.      Wrap a towel or other option for sealing your body with the seat to ensure the steam is not lost.

6.      20-30 minutes is best for effective healing.  You may wish to top up the bowl with hot water to keep generating steam. 

7.      You may wish to use this time for mediation or creative visualisation to increase the effect through intention. 

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