Wild C 150g

Wild C 150g

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Wild C  A vitamin c rich superfood formula

Bio-available, Totally Natural and Organic Wholefood Vitamin C sourced from wild berries and greens.

Wild foods are naturally higher in nutrient content than farmed hybrids due to the conditions in which they grow. All ingredients are high in natural vitamin C content. Each serving size of 1 teaspoon or 3g contains 228mg of totally natural vitamin C which is approximately 5 times the recommended daily intake (RDI). Studies show that consuming 37mg of natural vitamin C is the equivalent of consuming 1000mg of isolated vitamin C. That means 1 serve of Wild C will be the equivalent of consuming over 6000mg of isolated vitamin C.

Contains the highest quality: Goji berry powder, Acerola concentrate, Gubinge, Camu Camu, Maqui berry, Acai berry, Rosehips, Parsley leaf and Coriander Leaf.

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