Tooth Tonic - Fennel

Tooth Tonic - Fennel

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Maybe mint is not your cup of tea? Relax...Fennel Tooth Tonic is here! Fennel has a host of important health benefits and a delicious aniseed flavour to cap it off. All natural oral health care just got yummier!

Tooth Tonic Fennel is an alternative to toothpaste and uses no toxic chemicals, harsh abrasives or sugar. It is made exclusively from powerful essential oils in a base of black sesame seed oil, with vitamin E oil acting as a natural preservative.The properties of the essential oils may help nourish and support teeth, and can help with bleeding, swollen and painful gums. Due to the tissue repairing properties of some of the oils, receding gums have a better chance of repairing themselves. All ingredients have been carefully chosen for their strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Directions: After thorough flossing ,rinse vigorously, then add 2-3 drops to a dry toothbrush and brush teeth and gums normally. Rinsing is optional.
Add Bi Carb soda as a mild abrasive a few times a  week.

1-2 drops in water may be gargled to help relieve a sore throat, or consumed for general health.

*Note: This product is unsuitable for pregnant women and children under 13.
The product can create a mild tingling sensation around the mouth. It lasts only a couple of minutes and is normal. However, should you have any severe reaction, please stop using. Observe caution with young children: residue left on fingers can find its way into eyes. If this occurs, flush eyes thoroughly with milk or vegetable oil. 
Some essential oils included are very powerful; do not consume in large quantities.

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