Superfeast He Shou Wu 50g

Superfeast He Shou Wu 50g

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He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) - also known as fo ti - is the great adrenal- and kidney-healing yin tonic herb of the Orient, recognised by Taoists for its life-extending capacities. Bringing balance and restoration to your core energy stockpile known as jing, He Shou Wu is a favourite herb for restoring depleted vitality and bringing a superhuman level of fundamental energy back to the body for ultimate vigour. It is a super-adaptogen of the healing sex hormones that are crucial to every function of the body and the metabolism.

Benefits may include

  • Restoring of the adrenals to full function
  • Healing the effects of stress
  • Calms the nervous system into relaxation
  • Balancing and increasing of the sex hormones
  • Maintaining a youthful sex-drive in men and women
  • Increased longevity
  • Extremely high in zinc

Other names: fo ti, Polygonum multiflorum, ho shou wu, chinese knotweed, climbing knotweed

About SuperFeast Wild He Shou Wu Root Powdered Extract:

Our Wild He Shou Wu Root is prepared traditionally and harvested from it s natural home in China s Chiang Bai mountains (see our article on Di Tao for why we source our herbs from China). It is a water extract 10:1 powder, that is carefully dried to maintain the active constituents of the herb.

The freshly picked he shou wu tubers are sliced, stewed in black bean soup (in a proportion of 10 parts HSW to 1 part black beans) until the soup is exhausted. The prepared roots are then dried for water extraction. We use NO chemicals in the production of any of our herbs.

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