Superfeast Astragalus 50g

Superfeast Astragalus 50g

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Astragalus is one of the great tonic herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) has a rich history of use in Asian cultures; it is native to China, Mongolia and North Korea. Astragalus is believed to strengthen the immune system, muscular systems and support metabolic functions. As an immune system tonic, Astragalus tonifies what the Chinese call "wei qi" or "protective qi" which is the energy that runs just below the surface of the skin. Astragalus contains astragalosides and other immunostimulant polysaccharides, beta-sitosterol, flavonoids, and trace minerals, especially selenium.

  • strongly tonifies the vital Qi of the body
  • generates blood and fluids
  • maintains a healthy immune system
  • energy tonic for athletes and anyone looking for more day to day energy and vitality
  • supports the Lung and Spleen organs in the body

Other names: membranous milkvetch, huang qi

About SuperFeast Wild Astragalus Root Powdered Extract:

Our Wild Astragalus Root is harvested from it s natural home in China s Chiang Bai mountains (see our article on Di Tao for why we source our herbs from China). It is a dual-extracted 10:1 powder, that is carefully dried to maintain the active constituents of the herb.

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