Sinicuichi (Sun Opener) - 15g

Sinicuichi (Sun Opener) - 15g

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Take 20 grams of leaves and place them in a sun tea jar (1 gallon jar). Fill the jar just over the leaves with water. Leave them in the sun for two da
Latin name: Heimia salicifolia.

This plant was called Sinicuichi (or Sun Opener) by the Aztecs and is still used by Mexican shamans as a trance divination catalyst. They regard it as a sacred herb, enabling vivid recall of past distant events. Some users even report the remembrance of pre-birth events! Often causes a yellowing of the vision and altered acoustic perception. The traditional method of preparation is to let it ferment in water in the sun for 24 hours before ingestion. In Aztec legend it is said that during the solar fermentation process of preparation, the knowledge of the sun is embedded into the potion, creating the Elixir of the Sun.May induce feelings of calmness and unity. Slows heartbeat, relaxes muscles, reduces blood pressure.

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