Mighty Mouth - Children's Oral Care

Mighty Mouth - Children's Oral Care

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The manufacturer has made a mellower version of Tooth Tonic, called 'Mighty Mouth' which is minty fresh and full of goodness, lasts for a long time and is safe to swallow.* This holistic, alternative tooth care is safe for children who have their second teeth. With healthy oral hygiene as a starting point, children have a better chance of keeping their teeth healthy, right through adulthood.

It is imperative to teach our children about correctly brushing, daily flossing and general self care. A twice yearly visit to the dentist for a check up of your child's oral well being should be a stress free visit which will affirm your instincts in taking the control back into your hands.

With Mighty Mouth in your children's mouth, you can now feel relaxed and confident that this pure essential oil mixture will give long lasting  protection of your children's teeth.

* Please do make sure that little hands don't handle the product themselves. If the oil finds its way into the eyes it can sting. If this should happen, please rinse thoroughly with milk or any vegetable oil.  
If irritation continues seek medical help.
In case of allergic reaction please stop using.

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