Digestion Formula - 25ml

Digestion Formula - 25ml

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Stop upset stomach, indigestion, gas, morning/motion
sickness and nausea.

Ginger root, Fennel seed, Peppermint leaf and essential oil

Ginger root, peppermint and fennel all have essential oils
that, according to the Merck Index, are therapeutically
carminative which means they stimulate the digestive
system as well as relax the stomach.
Ginger is a powerful anti-emetic (reduces nausea and
prevents vomiting)
Peppermint is an effective gastric sedative and

“This is a great formula for when you wake up in the middle
of the night with indigestion and heartburn”. Just add hot
water to make a tasty digestive tea and in a few minutes, it’s
back to dreamland.
When you are out and you have that meal that feels like a
rock in your stomach, this formula will be a blessing. Also,
when traveling , this is the best formula for motion sickness.
Digestive formula can keep you comfortable on the road,
whether it be motion, sea or air sickness. Don’t leave home
without it.

Extracted in triple filtered spirit.

Organic or wild harvested herbs.

Consult a health care practitioner if you are pregnant or nursing.

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