Colloidal Silver - 200ml

Colloidal Silver - 200ml

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Colloidal Silver is a non-toxic natural antibiotic with proven effects against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.  It can be used as a natural mineral supplement to boost the immune system, and is naturally alkaline (PH8+).  It is also non-toxic (unless allergic to silver) and does not sting.

    Supports natural immunity for all the family, including pets and fish.
    Aids natural skin healing of burns and infections
    Kills fungus and bacterial growth, no harsh chemicals
    Prevents Odours (bins, shoes and arm pits)
    Non-toxic disinfectant
    Improves water quality
    Keeps cut flowers for longer
    Much more …

Technical Information:
The Happy Herbs Colloidal Silver is produced at a PPM of 10, using low volt DC frequencies and vibrations similar to what we vibrate at.

Dr Rob Beck proves this method has the greatest benefits compared to many commercial mass produced products.?

Colloidal Silver Products produced with Low Volt DC with a low PPM will have higher ionic content and smaller particles, therefore more surface area. Colloidal Silver shouldn't have any colour as this is an indication of larger particles.  That's why we produce 85% Silver Ions and 15% (10 PPM) microscopic nano-silver particles. There are many different products available on the market, but many are not produced correctly.   That's why we have chosen a colloidal silver that has been produced as per Dr Rob Becks research.

The Happy Herb Colloidal Silver:?
* Low Volt, Low current?
* High Quality at a affordable price ?
* Glass bottles
* Better absorption
* 85% positively charged silver ions and 15%(10PPM) microscopic nano-silverparticles

Before 1938 colloidal/ionic silver proved to be useful in treating over 650 different disease-causing pathogens.  No known disease-causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of silver.
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I found it to work a charm, is now one of my regular orders
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